#diedreimjf31 – The GAME Program

GAME – Global Approach by Modular Experiments is an international research and education program for students of biology and environmental sciences.

Every year, students are teamed up in different partner countries of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel to conduct comparable experiments all across the globe. In this way the research question, which changes every few years, can be investigated across geographical boundaries. Therefore, the results obtained through the GAME students’ research paints a picture across several ecosystems. You can learn more about GAME here.

In our first ever episode recorded in English, Anna is interviewing two GAME students of this year’s cohort. Svea and Bruna talk about their experience with GAME in Spain and in Madeira, their research question and what to look out for if you also want to be part of GAME.

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